Westcut Tool  Company Limited. Established 1972
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Slug end / single cap tipped reamers and TCT drills
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TCT and HSS brake lining drilling bits
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Westcut Tool Co Ltd was established in 1972 as a small independent, special tool-manufacturing unit, with the aim to produce quality tooling at competitive prices.

Over the years we have built up excellent relationships with all our customers, quality of service and dependability being our key points.

Specialising in the manufacture of Brake Lining drilling bits, we supply to all the leading friction-lining companies in the UK and export to Europe and the Middle East

Other specialities we supply include all forms of drilling and forming tools for the manufacture of Alloy and Copper fitting, and all types of special reamers for the Automotive and Aircraft industries.

Plain Drills, Automotive Drills and Cutters, Stepped Drills, Multi-Step Drills. Stepped Drills with depth stop. None cut pilot Counter Bores. Router Cutters