Westcut Tool  Company Limited. Established 1972
Slug end / single cap tipped reamers and TCT drills
arbide tipped form tools
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TCT and HSS brake lining drilling bits

We manufacture a wide range of brazed carbide and HSS Form drills, for use in the automotive and general engineering industries.

These tools are also widely used for the manufacture of Alloy and Copper Fittings. Companies producing Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Water and Gas compression fittings are our major customers for this type of toolmore

All form tools are made to customer's own requirements in small or large quantities at competitive prices.

Carbide Tipped Form Tools can be designed from component drawings, with recommendations on geometry, tool steel or carbide grades and number of cutting edges for various production applications and types of material to be cut.

brazed carbide and HSS Form drills