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TCT and HSS brake lining drilling bits
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TCT and HSS Brake Lining Drilling Bits

TCT and HSS Brake Lining drilling bits.

With over thirty years experience in the manufacture of drilling tools for all the major Friction Lining companies in the UK, we can supply any type of TCT or HSS plain or step drills, manufactured to customers requirements, any quantity large or small

Rivet Drills: TCTipped to suit all rivet sizes, imperial or metric.
Example, "L" rivet Head 0.500" Lead 0.265" C/S angle 150deg "6" mm Head 12.7mm lead 6.35mm angle 180deg
Stop/Cleaner Head Drills

TCTipped rivet drills: With a stop collar to control the depth of the counter-bore. State the rivet to be used, the material thickness, and we will manufacture the drill to the correct stop depth.

TCTipped Router cutters: For plunge feed and profiling.

None cut pilot Counterbores: For counterboring previously drilled holes.

TCT and HSS Brake Lining Drilling Bits